The Fast and the Furry Blast Off to Mars the Movie

This line up lasted for a year till 1978 when Mandy Zone left the band to form his own band Ozone along with former bassist Tommie Moonie. Peter & Robert Hoffman decided not to carry on with the band so they were replaced by Joe Poliseno on drums and Louis Bova (who was a recording engineer on the “Max’s Kansas City 1976” album) on bass. For a short time The Fast changed the name of the band to Miki Zone Zoo to signify an drastic change to the band sound but after a few months reverted to The Fast due to name recognition.
In 1978/1979, The Fast toured the United States. Ric Ocasek after seeing the band perform at the Boston rock club The Rathskeller (The Rat) decided to have them open up for with The Cars at their next stadium show in Portland, Maine. Ocasek also decided to produce & record them at famed Electric Ladyland studio in NYC which wound up as half of their first LP The Fast For Sale (Recca Records), which was released in 1980.