The All in the Solar System Moons

In 1975, Summum, an esoteric organization whose philosophy also includes the natural principles described in The Kybalion, put forth an explanation behind The All’s existence and claims the explanation came from “Summa Individuals”, beings who appear to be what The Kybalion describes as “Unseen Divinities” that intervene and assist with human affairs. Summum rewrote The Kybalion to include its explanation along with additional information. Summum refers to The All as “SUMMUM,” a Latin term meaning “highest” or “greatest”, and in the context of the Summum philosophy means, “the sum total of creation”. The explanation Summum offers is based upon what it calls the “Grand Principle of Creation,” and via this grand principle, The All (SUMMUM) exists. In summary, according to the Summum philosophy, The All is a union between Nothing and All Possibility, the ultimate opposites, and the nature of that union is without beginning or end for these two opposites automatically and simultaneously create each other. The result is a “cosmic copulation” whose effect is an infinite, living mind.