NOAA Solar Storm 2019 breaking cme39s cause solar storms expected to effect NOAA Storm Solar 2019

NOAA Solar Storm 2019 breaking cme39s cause solar storms expected to effect NOAA Storm Solar 2019

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A little interesting about space life.

The lakes are the main supporting source sustaining life in the moon. The lakes support an array of living organisms including fish of various varieties and some small sized aquatic mammals also, like on the earth. Only a limited range of water plants grow in the lakes and these are all found in all the lakes in the moon. The most abundant water plant variety resembles seaweeds, but is very much thicker and stronger than the earth's variety. These water plants which grow very rapidly and proliferate in vast quantities are the primary source of food and nutrient for the moon people.

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In fact, in 18th century England, a murderer could plead "lunacy" if he had killed during a full moon and be given a lighter sentence than he would have otherwise received. So the observation and belief in a correlation between lunar phases and deviant human behavior dates back centuries.

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"The growing evidence for water inside the Moon suggest that water did somehow survive, or that it was brought in shortly after the impact by asteroids or comets before the Moon had completely solidified," explained Dr. Li in the July 24, 2017 Brown University Press Release. "The exact origin of water in the lunar interior is still a big question," he added.

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The researchers continued to explain that their scenario makes strong predictions for how the tortured, misty large moon Titan formed, what the icy mid-sized moons are made of, and how they began as rapidly spinning lumps of ice-laden material. The little moons could provide valuable clues that reveal to planetary scientists what happened in this mysterious outer region of our Solar System--as well as when it happened.

As you can see we have a pair of eclipses occurring in July (actually they often travel in pairs).You can think of eclipses as New and Full Moons that pack a wallop. Eclipses are pivotal times that spark the beginning of changes that will become obvious 6 months down the line. Where eclipses fall in relation to your personal chart will show you which areas of your life are most impacted by their energy. I have found this to be a very important indicator of where to focus your energy for change and growth.

Whether the Moon has an effect on Women in general we do not know for sure, but we do know volcanic eruptions follow the cycle of the Moon.