NASA Warp Drive did nasa just accidentally discover warp driveem drive Drive Warp NASA

NASA Warp Drive did nasa just accidentally discover warp driveem drive Drive Warp NASA

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A little interesting about space life.

The people of the Moon are well aware of the barren, austere conditions and the life threatening dangers on the moon's surface. As very orderly and self-disciplined citizens or as their brains have been programmed to do so, the people of the moon always keep away from those egresses and never attempt to go out to explore the outer surface.

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University of Miami psychologist Arnold Lieber states a possible link between the fact that the human body is made up of nearly 80% water to the possibility that we experience "biological tides" effecting our emotions during different phases of the moon, the same as the oceanic tides are effected by the moon's activity.

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Who would you believe? It really doesn't matter what the studies show. Believe it or don't believe it. It's your choice. But if I were you, and I were out on the town on a full-moonlit night, I might take just a little extra precaution and keep the pepper spray handy. Werewolves beware.

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Of the hundreds of bewitching moons in our Sun's family, Titan is remarkable for being the only one boasting a dense atmosphere and large liquid reservoirs on its surface, rendering it in many ways more like the four rocky, terrestrial planets of the warm and well-lit inner Solar System. Indeed, both Earth and Titan possess atmospheres dominated by nitrogen--more than 95 percent nitrogen in Titan's case. However, unlike our Earth, Titan's atmosphere has very little oxygen; the remainder of its atmosphere is primarily composed of methane and trace quantities of other gases--such as ethane. At the truly frigid temperatures found at the Saturn system's great distance from our Sun, Titan's methane and ethane can exist on the surface in their liquid form.

Research presented on October 19, 2012, at the annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society's Division for Planetary Sciences held in Reno, Nevada, has suggested a causal relationship between the seven sister moons--Titan and the six mid-sized icy moons of Saturn. The researchers suggest that the seven moons have a violent origin, and came into being when a few considerably larger moons crashed into each other to give birth to the misty, moisty moon, Titan.

"What makes the Saturn system so beautiful and unique could be its youth. While we don't have a preferred time frame for this origin scenario to play out, it could have happened recently if something came along to destabilize the Saturn system, triggering the collisional mergers that formed Titan," Asphaug added.