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Curious facts about cosmic life and their inhabitants.

The elders collectively believed that the people could well get along without modernity. The moon people value simplicity over comfort, convenience and leisure. Their lifestyle was based on a deliberate balance of avoiding a pleasure world while maintaining self-sufficiency. The networks of elders who have the responsibility to take decisions are not rulers of any kind.

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How did Triton acquire so many strange properties, and why is Neptune's system of satellites so different from those predicted for a gaseous giant planet? Two planetary scientists, Dr. Raluca Rufu (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel) and Dr. Robin Canup (Southwest Research Institute, US) demonstrate how Triton wreaked catastrophic havoc on Neptune's first generation of very unfortunate moons.

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Triton and Pluto share roughly the same bulk composition and density, as well as similar atmospheres. In addition, both remote bodies move in unusual orbits. Pluto has a highly eccentric orbit, and is sometimes closer to the Sun than Neptune! Furthermore, Pluto orbits in the opposite direction around our Sun than do the eight major planets of our Solar System. Triton revolves around Neptune in a direction counter to that of its planet--and its retrograde orbit indicates that it is a captured object. Because of the unusual nature of both Triton's and Pluto's orbits, as well as the similarities of their bulk properties and atmospheres, it has long been thought that there is some sort of historical connection between them. Indeed, it was once thought that Pluto was an escaped moon of Neptune, but this is now considered unlikely. It is much more likely that long ago Triton, like Pluto, circled the Sun independently, but was unluckily captured by its adoptive planet--whereas Pluto was left to wander freely.

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In a study released in November 2011, Dr. Blankenship and his colleagues discovered the enormous subsurface lake on Europa by carefully scrutinizing two bumpy, circular features in the old Galileo images, taken about a decade earlier. The "chaos terrains" were shown to be bizarre regions of floating and colliding icebergs and ice flows. This jumbled mess collapsed portions of the little moon's ice shelf.

The team further ascertained the presence of the enormous, embedded lake by drawing a connection between processes seen on Europa and processes seen on our own planet. Ice-piercing radar, that can delve through thick layers of ice sheets, has been used to locate numerous subglacial lakes in Antarctica.

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