Kepler Telescope Findings kepler data helping home in on other earths Telescope Kepler Findings

Kepler Telescope Findings kepler data helping home in on other earths Telescope Kepler Findings

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Curious facts about cosmic life and their inhabitants.

Astronomers' current understanding of giant-planet birth predicts an episode of gas accretion that ultimately builds up the enormous size of these gaseous behemoths. According to theory, circumplanetary gas disks, that surround the forming planets during this early period, eventually become the strange nurseries that produce a giant planet's system of moons, thus creating systems of co-planar and prograde (orbiting in the same direction as the planet) natural satellites in a way similar to the many moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

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The HST images also showed that the moon Kerberos is charcoal black in color, which is in stark contrast to the brilliant white of the other moons of Pluto. It was predicted that dust blasted off the moons by meteorite impacts would blanket the moons, giving them a homogeneous appearance. However, the reason why Kerberos is black remains a mystery.

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An orbiting spacecraft sporting such an ice-piercing radar is necessary to confirm and map Europa's enormous lake. NASA is considering such a mission, proposed to launch sometime before 2022.

The two scientists found clear evidence of water in nearly all of the large pyroclastic deposits that had been mapped earlier across our Moon's surface, including deposits near the Apollo 15 and 17 landing sites where the water-bearing glass bead samples were collected.

There are ongoing studies assessing the past habitability potential of the Red Planet, as well as the possibility of life.