Kalpana Chawla NASA kalpana chawla the woman who loved to fly all about Chawla Kalpana NASA

Kalpana Chawla NASA kalpana chawla the woman who loved to fly all about Chawla Kalpana NASA 1 1

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Curious facts about cosmic life and their inhabitants.

It may be known fact that there is moon influence onto the tidal waves of the sea but it is never logic to make it applicable on human body. Those who claim this support their saying with the point that human body is mostly occupied by water hence the force should affect human's behavior as well. This is erroneous and has no scientific proofs. A valid explanation is that the moon affects the Earth's unbounded collection of water surface but water in the human body is completely covered, it is totally ridiculous to say the moon can direct the force through the skin into the body then impinge on the human's individual character.

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These different results to basically the same types of studies make me wonder if there is any relationship between location on the planet and the full moon. Are there areas on the planet and in our own country that may be more effected by lunar phases than others? Is this even possible?

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Titan is the largest moon of the gas-giant planet Saturn, as well as the second-largest moon in our entire Solar System--after Jupiter's enormous Ganymede. Indeed, this smoggy orange moon is almost as big as the planet Mars! Because Titan is situated in the outer domain of our Solar System, circling Saturn--which is the sixth major planet from our Star, the Sun--it is extremely cold, and its chemical atmosphere is frozen. This very interesting atmosphere is composed of a mix of compounds that many astronomers think are comparable to those that existed in our own planet's primordial atmosphere. Titan's strange, dense, orange atmosphere contains large quantities of "smoggy" hydrocarbons. This very heavy shroud of obscuring smog is so extremely dense that it showers "gasoline-like" rain down on the tortured surface of this distant moon-world.

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NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft was the first to visit Titan back in 1980. Although Voyager 1 made a truly heroic journey, it proved unsuccessful in its efforts to obtain close-up pictures of Titan's veiled surface. This adventurous, early space mission was not able to obtain the desired images because it could not cut through the dense orange smog--and the resulting images showed only some minor brightness and color variations in Titan's atmosphere. In 1994, the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) did succeed in obtaining some precious and revealing images of Titan's well-hidden surface--showing the existence of a bright and sparkling continent dubbed Xanadu--after the "Xanadu" of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's romantic poem Kubla Khan. Titan's Xanadu glitters as if lit by the cold fires of a multitude of sparkling rhinestones.

There probably are many more lakes under Europa's ice, Blankenship continued to note. Furthermore, the prospects of searching for life on Europa could greatly improve. This is because research indicates that a percentage of the icy lids that cover the embedded lakes may be considerably thinner than was previously supposed.

Prepare for the New Moon Just Like the Full Moon. If we stay with it though and begin to prepare for the New Moon just like we used to do only for the Full Moon, we have the opportunity now for heightened awareness, increased unfolding of our intuition two times during the month instead of just one.