Kalpana Chawla NASA columbia space shuttle accident was human error of Chawla Kalpana NASA

Kalpana Chawla NASA columbia space shuttle accident was human error of Chawla Kalpana NASA

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Curious facts about cosmic life and their inhabitants.

Using N-body simulations that model a recently snared Triton, and a likely primordial prograde system of moons, Dr. Rufu and Dr. Canup show that if the moons sport a mass ratio comparable to that of Uranus's system of moons or smaller, Triton's destructive dance with them has the tragic likelihood of reproducing the system that astronomers now observe. The simulations even demonstrate that the interactions decrease Triton's original semi-major axis rapidly enough to to stop smaller, outer moons like Nereid from being unceremoniously evicted from the system.

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However, weeks before New Horizons' scheduled arrival at its main target, it managed to reveal some strange secrets long-held in the deep freeze of our Solar System's outer limits. For their new study, released in June 2015, a team of planetary scientists collected all available NASA and European Space Agency (ESA) Hubble Space Telescope (HST) data on the four outer moons of Pluto in order to study this strange system in greater depth. Their observations reveal that at least a duo of Pluto's moons are not rotating on their axes in an orderly manner at all, but are instead in chaotic rotation while circling Pluto and its large companion moon, Charon--a moon-world that weighs-in at a hefty 11% of Pluto's mass. Charon is commonly thought to have once been a part of Pluto itself, before it was blasted off in a catastrophic collision with another object billions of years ago. The new study also suggests that one of the mystery moons has a bizarre jet-black coloring of unknown origin and composition. These truly amazing results appear in the June 4, 2015 issue of the journal Nature.

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The HST images also showed that the moon Kerberos is charcoal black in color, which is in stark contrast to the brilliant white of the other moons of Pluto. It was predicted that dust blasted off the moons by meteorite impacts would blanket the moons, giving them a homogeneous appearance. However, the reason why Kerberos is black remains a mystery.

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However, according to many conspiracy theorists, all the U.S. landings on the moon were faked, and all the photos and videos were made only on the film stage.

Moons can be found in a rich assortment of various sizes, shapes, and types. Although they are generally solid little worlds, a few of them are known to sport atmospheres. Indeed, the atmosphere of the second largest moon in our Solar System, Titan of Saturn, is so dense that it hides Titan's strange hydrocarbon-slashed surface beneath a thick orange veil.

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