Kalpana Chawla NASA 6 things to know about kalpana chawla the first indian Kalpana NASA Chawla

Kalpana Chawla NASA 6 things to know about kalpana chawla the first indian Kalpana NASA Chawla

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Curious facts about cosmic life and their inhabitants.

Before we start to time-travel and beam ourselves back into the time of around 500 B.C., I must once again draw your attention to the fact that it is often extremely difficult if not impossible to separate historical facts from myth and legend particularly, when it comes to Siddhartha Gautama and his life. Those accounts of his life that still exist were mostly handed down by the Buddha's disciples as oral traditions and written down long after his death by often idolising followers. For this reason it is most likely that they do not always reflect the historical truth. Therefore, not everyone may agree with all of the details of my writings. However, I have done my very best to find out the truth, which according to the historical 'facts' available to me could be as follows.

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On the morning of the full-moon day that is celebrated by Burmese Buddhists as the full-moon of Kason, Siddhartha Gautama, the son of the head of the Indian 'Sakya' warrior caste (which accounts for the name 'Sakyamuni', 'Sage of the Sakya', a name Siddhartha Gautama was also known by) sat under a Bo tree near Gaya (now Buddha Gaya in the north-eastern Indian state of Bihar) south of Patna (present-day Bihar's capital) when he had his 'Great Enlightenment' that revealed to him the way of salvation from suffering. This he tried to find for many years by looking for as he is said to have put it: "Who wrought these prisons of senses, sorrow, fraught."

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Our Moon makes a complete orbit around Earth in 27 Earth days and it rotates (spins) at that same rate--meaning, in that same amount of time. Because our planet is also moving--rotating on its axis as it circles our Star--from our viewpoint, our lunar companion appears to circle us ever 29 days.

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Mars was born a few million years after the formation of our Solar System, while Earth took much longer. If Venus formed on a timeline similar to that of Mars, then that would be a "huge puzzle" since Venus and Earth are so similar in terms of mass and orbit," Dr. Jacobson explained in the April 2, 2014 National Geographic News.

Moon Goddess Receives the Latest at New Moon Time. At the New Moon time, the Moon Goddess is positioned directly between Mother Earth and the Sun. This is when the Moon Goddess discovers the latest that the Sun is experiencing in its travels through a new band in the sky. It is when the Moon Goddess's back side is being fully illuminated by the Sun's emissions for a twenty four hour period, beginning twelve hours before the actual encounter and lasting for twelve hours afterward.

Another interesting piece of Apollo 11 trivia is the fact that the Apollo missions had actually been ongoing and this was actually the fifth mission of Project Apollo that involved human spaceflight. Aside from that, it was also the third voyage by humans to the moon; however, no human had ever stepped foot on the moon until this specific voyage.