Heaven Cloud Nebula the jesus nebula hubble space telescope images the face Nebula Cloud Heaven

Heaven Cloud Nebula the jesus nebula hubble space telescope images the face Nebula Cloud Heaven

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A little interesting about space life.

Dating back to ancient days, they have a calendar, a written language and their own type of art and music. All aspects of the lives of moon people are governed by commonsense rules made known to them by the elders. These rules have been taught to them verbally for generations and are typically introduced during their childhood. Most governing principles have been in place for centuries without appreciable change. These guidelines have worked very well and are secular in nature and are not written down in any document as such. Forms of written books on various subjects exist at the academic facilities, but there are no books on rules for people to follow or for reference. It seems as if they have been brain washed with all these ideas and behavioral patterns from their birth.

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Although the moon appears to be changing according to the lunar phases, it is not literally changing. It was the amount of light it reflects that is constantly altering. The moon always remains the same and the light does not affect the shape of the moon, in any ways. In fact, it has has no power of light and it receives all the light from the Sun. Most people are unaware of this that they thought it is capable of glowing and beautifully bright. As a matter of fact, the moon is one mysterious yet very enchanting object.

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But ongoing studies about lunar chemistry are showing that it may be much wetter than planetary scientists initially hypothesized. In fact, these wetter conditions conflict with some aspects of the Giant Impact theory.

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This revised birth date for the Moon comes from a new study that takes a detour from the long-standing debate about its true age, and is basically in agreement with those planetary scientists who suggest a late-forming Moon. The new method that the scientists used to arrive at their conclusion eliminates numerous problems with traditional methods for calculating the Moon's age.

New Moon and Full Moon Times. New Moon, June 12, 2010 4:15 am, PDT. Full Moon, June 26, 2010 4:31 am, PDT

Lunar Cycle and Menstruation. On average the menstrual cycle of a woman is exactly the same as the Lunar month which is 29.5 days. Studies show there are more births during full and new Moon. The stronger gravitational pull seems to have an effect. Another interesting fact is that more boys are born after the full Moon and more girls after the new Moon. Can it be the pull on the embryonic water as the Native America Indians believe? Though there is no scientific proof of many of the theories connected with the Moon it is very interesting.