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Interesting facts about space.

Oxygen isotopes on the Earth and Moon measure the same according to the specimens gathered from the Moon, meaning that the Earth and Moon did indeed form at the same distance from the Sun. Finding a theory that could satisfy all three of these specific facts would prove to be rather difficult. There have been three major theories about how the moon was created that have been discounted. Below we will discover what each of these three theories proposed and why they were deemed to be unlikely or impossible. The Fission Theory. The Fission Theory proposes that the Moon was created in the early history of our solar system when something caused the Earth to break apart and a large part of the Earth was cast into space which eventually formed into the Moon. This idea supported the fact that the Earth and Moon share similar mantles, but where this theory falls apart involves the actual physics it would take to create such a scenario. The amount of angular momentum and energy required to create this situation would make the current placement of the Earth and Moon next to impossible. Thus, the fission theory has been deemed incorrect. The Capture Theory. The Capture Theory contends that the Moon came to be obtained by the Earth after it formed in a different location in the solar system, shedding light on the Moon's different composition. There are a couple problems with this scenario. Since we know that the Earth and Moon have the same oxygen isotopes on their surfaces, therefore meaning they would have the same amount of baking from the Sun, it doesn't explain how the Moon would have encountered the extra baking on its surface. The physics behind this call for a lot of specific things to happen, such as the Moon entering Earth's gravitational speed at just the right speed, at just the right distance to allow for the current set-up. Not only would it have to approach the Earth with these two requirements, but there would also have to be something that could slow the Moon down., however, capture into the Moon's present orbit is very improbable. Something would have to slow it down with just the right gravitational pull to cause the Moon to fall into Earth's orbit. While complicated, this could have been possible, but it is very unlikely. The Co-Formation Theory.

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The moon people had a unique system of beliefs. They presumed that all the memories that they remember are borne by an external soul associated with their physical body. So, they believed the soul was a separate entity from the body and that this soul could transmigrate. They identified the soul as their "Self". They did not have a concept of God, unlike the comparative situation with many religions on earth. However they firmly believed that the soul would instantly "Teleport" to a heaven immediately upon a person's death. They also believed that they would have youthful physical bodies when they took up their abode in heaven. They were convinced that heaven was an extremely beautiful place of pleasure with very many fun things to do and look around and enjoy. They believed that once they were in heaven, they would not age, fall ill, feel pain or have sorrowful feelings of any kind.

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Kepler-22b is an extrasolar planet that circles Kepler-22, a G-type star that is situated about 600 light-years from our own planet in the constellation Cygnus. This intriguing new world, that resides beyond our Solar System, was first spotted by NASA's highly productive, though ill-fated, Kepler Space Telescope in 2011. Kepler-22b has the distinction of being the first known transiting extrasolar planet to reside within the so-called habitable zone of its star. The habitable zone is the term used to describe that Goldilocks region around a star where water can exist in its life-loving liquid state. Planets dwelling in this fortunate region are not too hot, not too cold, but just right for water and, hence, life to exist. A planet that circles its star in the habitable zone suggests that there is the possibility--though not the promise--of life as we know it to exist on that world.

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There are several potential explanations that could account for the sea's composition of pure methane, Dr. Le Gall added. "Either Ligeia Mare is replenished by fresh methane rainfall, or something is removing ethane from it. It is possible that the ethane ends up in the undersea crust, or that it somehow flows into the adjacent sea, Kraken Mare, but that will require further investigation," she noted.

During a Lunar eclipse the Earth blocks the Full Moon so light from the Sun cannot reach the Moon. We know the Moon reflects the Sun's light so during those moments when that light is blocked it's like the Moon takes a deep breath and holds it. In those moments magic happens. Shifts occur on the consciousness level. Since this Full Moon is in the sign of Capricorn ( Full Moons are always opposite the Sun) and the Sun is in Cancer, the issues of Capricorn and Cancer are up for consideration.. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is often seen as mothering, female nurturing energy and Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is the archetypal competitive, goal-oriented male energy. We each have BOTH these energies in our personas.

These eclipses support you in identifying these energies playing out in your own chart and how you bring them more into balance. Are you too bossy and domineering in some places (all in the name of trying to accomplish things) and too emotional and over-caretaking in others? Time for a cosmic adjustment! Use these eclipses to connect to your own vulnerability around gender-role expectations. The Cancer-Capricorn axis asks us to look to where we are unbalanced on the male-female scales and strive for more internal balance and union.