Bloody Moons Date four blood moons here is the truth even steven Moons Bloody Date

Bloody Moons Date four blood moons here is the truth even steven Moons Bloody Date

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Interesting facts about space.

Who is to say one way or the other? Scientists debunk the theory that a full moon is accompanied by a rise in criminal activity. On the other hand, psychologists, police officers, hospital emergency room staff, even bartenders will admit to noticing a spike in strange, unexplained and criminal behavior during a full moon.

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However, the truth is, during their entire voyage to the Moon and back to Earth, Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins only received amount of radiation equal to about 0.1% of the deadly dose. Their total exposure was approximately 11 milisieverts, and radiation dose lethal to an average human being is aroung 8,000 millisieverts.

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Like Earth's own large Moon, Triton is locked in synchronous rotation with its planet--one side always faces Neptune. However, because of Neptune's odd orbital inclination, both of the moon's polar regions take turns facing the Sun. Spacecraft images of Triton reveal mounds and round pits formed from icy lava flows (cryovolanism), as well as smooth volcanic plains. The surface of the moon is only sparsely cratered, indicating that its surface is new--that is, it is constantly being resurfaced, probably by the "lava" flow from icy volcanoes. Triton is very bright--its fresh, sparkling, new ice-coating is believed to cover a heart of metal and rock. Triton's high density suggests that it contains more rock in its interior than the icy moons of Saturn and Uranus.

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The new study is based on data gathered by Cassini's radar instrument during flybys of Titan between 2007 and 2015.

Our Earth basks comfortably in the sunny, warmer, inner regions of our Solar System, and our Moon is the largest one of its kind, in this region, relatively close to our Star. Of the four rocky, terrestrial planets--of which our Earth is a member--Mercury and Venus are moonless, and Mars sports two small, misshapen little rocky moons, Phobos and Deimos, that are likely captured refugees from the main asteroid belt that circles our Sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Seven sister moons circle Saturn as it whirls around in the realm of the giant planets, so far from the light and warmth of our Sun. The moons have kept the secret of their mysterious origins very well--but they are now beginning to reveal their hidden past.