Black Hole Wallpaper HD 35 black hole hd wallpapers background images Wallpaper HD Black Hole

Black Hole Wallpaper HD 35 black hole hd wallpapers background images Wallpaper HD Black Hole

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Interesting facts about space.

Though the moon has no atmosphere on the outside, the caves are filled with 'air' well suited to supporting the respiratory needs of life forms. Surprisingly, 90% percent of the moon's internal atmosphere comprises oxygen which exceeds the corresponding oxygen proportion in the earth's atmosphere.

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To make the flag stand still on the moon, the flag was actually made from plastic material, similar to the one that tents are usually made of. For practical reasons, the flag was originally folded to maximize space and stored in a thin tube. After Neil Armstrong planted it to the surface of the Moon, it briefly appeared to move as it was unfolding itself to its final shape.

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Of the four terrestrial, rocky planets of the inner Solar System (Mercury, Venus, our Earth, and Mars), both Mercury and Venus are moonless. Earth possesses one lone Moon, but it is a very large one--the fifth largest moon in our entire Solar System, in fact. Mars, on the other hand, has two tiny misshapen moons that resemble rocky potatoes, and are lumpy and dark, as they travel in their nearly circular orbits close to the plane of the Martian equator. The Martian moons, Phobos and Deimos, are probably asteroids that were captured by Mars long ago.

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Our Moon makes a complete orbit around Earth in 27 Earth days and it rotates (spins) at that same rate--meaning, in that same amount of time. Because our planet is also moving--rotating on its axis as it circles our Star--from our viewpoint, our lunar companion appears to circle us ever 29 days.

A moon is a natural body that orbits a planet, and is held in its orbit by the force of both the host planet's gravity and the gravity of the moon itself. Some planets sport moons; some do not. Most of the moons dwelling in our Solar System are frigid (and sometimes weird) little worlds, made up of ice and rock, that swarm around the outer giant, gaseous planets of our Sun's bewitching family--Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. One example of such bewitching weirdness is the frozen, little icy moon Hyperion, of the ringed-planet Saturn, that looks like an icy natural sponge.

Special note: This year there were 2 New Moons in Cancer, one at the beginning of the sign and one at the end. That is VERY significant, as is the fact that these New Moons are SUPERMOONS. A SUPERMOON (this is the 2nd of 5 this year) happens when the New or Full Moon is at its closest to Earth in its elliptical orbit. We feel the energy of the Moon's effect on Earth at those times. This will bring more intense tides and more intense feelings all around, specifically in the areas ruled by the signs involved.