Bill Todd NASA JSC

In 2000, Todd developed the NASA Undersea Research Team “NEEMO” (NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations). This program utilizes the Aquarius laboratory as a research facility for space missions such as long-term space habitation. Todd served as an aquanaut on the 2000 “NASA SEATEST” mission, NASA SEATEST 3 in 2016, SEATEST 4 in 2017, and as the commander of the October 2001 NASA NEEMO 1 mission. He subsequently managed the “topside” teams for NASA missions, and was the Mission Director for NEEMO 7, NEEMO 8 and NEEMO 14. As of 2016, Todd remains the project manager for NEEMO thru NEEMO 21. In June 2012, Todd piloted a DeepWorker 2000 submersible as part of the NEEMO 16 mission.