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A Good Template is the First Step to Earn Money Online

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A web design template or a web template is basically a website's design layout, a shell or a core of a site which you can use to create your own webpage or a website. In simple words, a web template means a pre-made or ready to install foundation design for fast creation of a website that require some minor customizations before they are uploaded to your hosting provider. A website template can prove to be an excellent tool which can improve the quality of a final website, speed up the production speed and just makes whole process of website building much easier and friendly.

As we know that in present scenario business people are aware of all the needs for a well-designed and effective webpage or a site. For an instance, online stores can book orders night and day and it is very important that the website should be simple, pleasing to the eye and to the point which includes the design, layout and presentation of the website. These tattoo removal in nyc save the money and time and moreover, the production or the creation cycle of a webpage project is cut almost half when you install a website template. One more advantage to use a website template is that you can at least show the website designers what you exactly want rather than simply trying to explain it to them. There may be a reverse to the above too, in which the designer may show his client various templates which she/he can choose from; this tool alone will be of great importance. Hence it is very important to choose an appropriate website template to run your business effectively.

Website templates available at the are a good starting point in website designing for your Internet home business. is pleased to offer a wide range of professionally designed, simple, cool website templates which can be satisfied for any business or occupation need. And a bonus point is that all the website templates available for download can be customized to suit your website or any other project. Web Templates are perfect for beginning web designers and non-technical website owners those who need a quick professional Internet presence. Using a is as easy and simple as adding your own music, photos and text or adding name of your site on the graphics.

You may browse through the various categories and types and get the website templates which suits best to your websites. There is a wide range of free templates available on the site and you will be able to find a huge spectrum of beautiful themes or templates available amongst which most of them are of premium quality. You may refer to those and if you find something interesting in the paid download section, you may purchase the templates as well. The templates are fast loading, great looking, easy to install and very reasonably priced.

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Capital One Canada

Monday, July 21, 2008

Credit cards are a risky business these days... you don't know when you could become the victim of a scam or fraud. Most people don't prefer to use credit cards these days because of the threat involved, and even if they do it is with utmost care. But what if you could use your credit card without all these worries? Sounds impossible? Welcome to Capital One Canada!!

Capital One Canada provides secured credit cards for Canadian citizens. A wide range of canadian secured credit cards are on offer... one or the other is sure to cater to your needs. They offer a variety of low interest credit cards which are suitable for high and long term usage. The Prime +0.9% Platinum MasterCard offers Canada's lowest rate of interest (long term). A large number of Capital One Canada's credit cards demand no annual fee, and offer zero fraud liability in case of unauthorised usage. Apart from being secured and low interest, these credit cards might help in strengthening your credit history.

So it's no longer dangerous to use your credit card for high-value purchases! Capital One Canada has made sure of that!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Link Building takes the major role in search engine positioning, analyzing and ranking key words. The link building has a vital role in optimization of any websites. Link building enhances the rankings in search engines and also helps in getting focuses traffic and which may lead to boost of sales.

There are usually various ways for increasing the traffic of a website, which includes buying links, directory submissions, and link exchange. The best way to make effective link building is through having as many websites possible. One more way is to have the websites point to you websites for high rankings.

There are various types of links. One such type is one-way link are the best type of links but although they hold significant potential they are very tough to obtain. provides one-way link binding as requested by the customers.

Another very famous type of links is three way links, in three-way linking website 1 links to website 2, website 2 links to website 3 and in turn website 3 links to website 1, this way all three websites have unique one way links pointing to their website. They provide directory submissions link exchange, article submission, blog review, social book marking. The main aim of for the link building solutions is to increase the traffic for the customer’s site and maintain high ranking for the sites. The main and obvious aim of any business is more hits or clicks to the sites and increased sales.

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Is PageRank Really That Important?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I think a lot of people nowadays put way too much importance on PageRank (PR). Everybody seems to be obsessed with it and when another Google update is coming, people are in fear of All-Mighty-Google dropping their web site’s PR. Buying and/or selling links are taboo if you place them without using the no follow attribute and as a result, your web site will be penalized. I would recommend consulting a professional SEO company, or Zoekmachine Optimalisatie in Dutch, if you are not sure how to handle this.

Of course, PR does matter and it is supposed to give you an idea of the importance or popularity of a web site. If you really boil it down, you could say that PR is directly linked to how many other important web sites link to yours. So PR is all about the quality of links, not the quantity. Google’s philosophy is that if you have interesting content which is unique or have something on your site worth referring to, other sites will naturally link to you. And thus, this way you will build a network of web sites that link to you and your PR will increase over time. A good SEO company can help you accomplish this.

So now you are thinking, how does PR effect the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages)? Well, a high PR does not automatically result in a high ranking in the search results. Some pages have a PR0 and are on #1, so even though these two things are somewhat related, they are not directly linked to one another. PR is just a tiny fraction of the algorithm that determines how well your site will rank in the search results, so other sites with no PR can rank higher than you. Google works hard to keep on improving its algorithm, aiming to give people results that are most relevant to the keywords they have entered. Obviously this is a learning process and since the Internet is an ever changing entity as well, this is a very complicated task which demands continues work.

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How to Check Fake or Valid PageRank

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Google PageRank is obviously important to many webmasters, including me. Recently, when I go to different forums to buy high PR domain, I figure out that there are quite a lot of domains that "claim" to have high PR. In fact, the PR shown in Google Toolbar also indicates the claimed PR. But the truth is...

The victim of these scams are normally new webmasters who just jump into the domain market. They have spent several hundreds dollars to buy the new domains, but the truth is they are worthless. In light of that, I am going to discuss some easy ways how you can check a website/domain for a valid Google Page Rank or a fake page rank. So, how to check a fake/forged PageRank as well as a valid PageRank?

  • Step :1 ) Check the Google Toolbar. Because many website just add fake PageRank button or image on their website. So, if you have a functional Google Toolbar, you will immediately figure out the fake PR.

  • Step :2 ) Check to see if the page rank showed by Google tool bar is a temporary glitch or not. You may use iWebtool PageRank checker tool or to make sure all the Google data centers are showing the same page rank for a specific domain or webpage.

  • Step :3 ) Check to see if the website or domain PageRank is suspicious or valid by widely used SEOlogs's fake PageRank detection SEO tool and PR checker. In addition, also offers immediate answers on whether the PR is valid or forged

  • Step :4 ) The last step is to check few back links manually. You should type in the Google search box. This step is very vital because, by following this step you can tell if the domain is using any redirection to achieve fake PageRank or not. Once Google shows all the backlinks in search results page (SERP), click on label "Cached" beside URL. It will show you the Google’s cache of that URL.

After you reach one of those Google's cached page, click to view the source code (Click View>"Source" or "Page Source" from your web browser's menu bar) of the webpage and search for the domain name you are trying to check for valid PR. If you do not find the domain name, try another URL from the search result page. If none of the URL shows the domain name in their source code, then you have to come to the conclusion that the domain or website you are checking valid PageRank for, used URL redirection to get fake PR.

I hope this post will help you to figure out a fake PageRank or a valid PageRank when you are going to buy a several hundreds domain names.


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How to find .EDU or .GOV blogs to leave comments?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In order to get a higher PageRank (PR), you need to have a lot of backlinks. However, there are differences for the backlinks coming from different sites and domains. It was generally believed that the backlinks from .edu or .gov are important for Google PageRank. How would you build a lot of backlinks from .edu or .gov sites? One very good way to do so is to find some .edu or .gov blogs that do not have the no-follow attribute, and then leave comments to them.

In this post, I am going to reveal a very easy way to build links from .edu or .gov sites in a matter of minutes. The key is to search the .edu and .gov sites which contains the similar keywords as your site and allow to make comments. You can search in Google using the following search term: in url:blog “comment” -”you must be logged in” -”posting closed” -”comment closed” “keyword”. Replace the keyword with anything related to your site will give you a list of .edu sites which you can make comments and get back links. You can do the same if you want to leave comments in .gov blogs.

But remember, many blogs have enabled the comment moderation, and so you should not leave any spam comments. Do make them interesting and constructive, and the moderator will thus approve your comment and your link will be shown.


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Does PageRank Really Matter?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I came across a good post from Digitalpoint, and I think that is a good post to explain the relationship between PR (PageRank) and SERP. So, let's enjoy it.

Does PR really matters? Is SERP is everything? Is PR only good for link selling? Is buying links right? Or is selling links wrong? Can I gain any advantage with PR against my competitor? Can PR actually help me with anything at all if I am not selling/buying links?

In my opinion it really.... depends on your own ethics and needs as a webmaster and your purpose for the site overall. As for me, I don't buy or sell links, never did and never will cause according to me it is unnecessary and I believe in my own capabilities to be linked to by others.

In my honest opinion:

a) PR does matter, and it matters quite a lot. Why would it matter? How can I prove that? It matters when you search for the most competitive terms and only the ones with good PR turns up in SERP's first page. PR matters when you want reputation of a site not only in SERP rankings but in other people's opinion. PR matters in terms of trust also, a visitor who has the slightest idea of PR will know the difference of a PR less site and one without it. Does it mean that a site without PR and sites just starting up doesn't have that capability? Definitely it has the capability. Everyone starts from the pit, the very bottom where PR is non existent. Building trust and writing/creating "quality" content will earn that trust even if you do not have a PR. With that being said, now imagine if the site also had PR beside that quality content and trust! Exactly, at least and even if you don't rank well in the search engine, the people (the savvy ones) who will visit your site will know its importance in terms of google's opinion to it all.... I mean, its safe to assume that PR is Google's opinion of you... say it isn't so?

Some say, backlinks are everything.... wrong! Backlinks are only part of the PR assessment... The correct term should be quality backlinks and the diversity of those back links.... With much less quality backlinks (I am not talking in terms of 50 backlinks of course... more!) than another site it is most possible to achieve a good PR similar, equal, more than that site. It is a proven fact!

b) So does it mean that PR can effect SERP rankings? Hell knows it can! Search for the term computer and check the PR of the sites of the first page... all have PR! Good PR! Now some sites with higher PR will rank lower in the search engine.... why? Because my good friend, PR is given to you after a certain period of time, rankings are much much much more dynamic and the "whole pie" of rankings is not ENTIRELY based on PR. It is based on number of links, people talking about it without links, the diversity of the links, and the authority of those links as a whole. SERP positions can vary everyday, every hour but PR (talking about Toolbar PR here which... we can find out right?) varies only after a certain period of time. To me, SERP is determined by much more complex stuffs than PR, but PR is a big chunk of its determination. Coming back to the "lower PR higher serp" issue we will see that the difference in terms of position is merely between a page, meaning, if the lower PR site is at number uno then the higher PR site is there within the first page. BUT, in the long term without quality contents, that lower PR site will surely fall and that is a fact. But, the factor of time depends on the niche itself. Some niches get new content every one second and some does within a week so definitely the niche you are in really does matter.

c) Those saying PR is only good for link selling is absolutely blind. There are enough non profit organizations and bloggers and personal sites out there which can prove it wrong and I am one of them. I don't brag about PR (Hell my site is down right now!! ) and I think there is nothing to brag about, cause PR does the talking itself. Link buying/selling for PR in my opinion is just ugh!!! But, if you are buying/selling it for traffic then its a whole different issue but we are not going into that.

d) PR is very useful for ranking well in the SERP engine and I hope searching for the term of computer proves that. Like, Dell's PR is 8/10 and Apple's PR is 9/10. So why exactly would DELL be up there over Apple in the rankings? Because, its a general fact that Dell is much more popular to people than Apple is. So Dell ranks better! So next question is why don't Google presents Dell with Apple's PR or better? Simple, cause in terms of web development (I am talking about internet and not designing) Apple is much more relevant and "giving to the community" than Dell is and Apple is gifted with that PR 9 (once again in my opinion). In this world's economy not always quality comes first, sometimes we will compromise on quality if it is of a lesser price and easier to implement and that is the case with RANKINGS. PR is what the VALUE of a site is, RANKINGS is the POPULARITY of a site as a whole. Blackhatters can manipulate rankings big time but not in the long term, NEVER! Google is quite supreme and end of the day Google's search engine is an user friendly search engine.... NOT a webmaster friendly and that is the way it should be.... cause unlike you and me, others are not webmasters! It is OUR duty to get used to that cause that is how it SHOULD BE.

Lastly, as an webmaster it is your duty and motivation to serve your visitors right? If that is the case, then there should not be any problem with anything cause visitors give you PR. Not all visitors, NO... visitors who are other webmasters or visitors who are friends of other webmasters and who will promote your site for free. That what gives you rankings, both in terms of SERP and PR. This is the very reason why non profit sites do so well in terms of SERP and PR both, cause they simply do not care about it well and goes for quality content and so should everyone!

Lastly, PR matters like hell... and it will always matter cause PR after all haven't got any drawbacks whatsoever. And if your ethics are right in terms of PR, its easier to get than to lose it.


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